SEO Services in Chattanooga

Consumer journies begin with search engines.

Our SEO Services

The first step in any SEO plan is to analyze your current efforts and the strategies of your competitors. This analysis helps us build an effective SEO strategy.

Consumers use search engines to find everything from fine dining to local hiking trails. Your business is essentially invisible if it isn't ranking in Google.

That's where we come in.

Our Chattanooga-based agency understands what both customers and search engines want to see online. We also understand the importnat role that Chattanooga's unique culture plays in that process. We'll help connect the products and services you offer to their place in Chattanooga's cityscape - and we'll do it all with customers and search engine rankings at the forefront.

Our SEO services help Chattanooga businesses provide a better experience for their customers (and potential customers). That experience is what helps websites rank in Google.

How do we do it?

By giving search engines exactly what they’re looking for:

relevant, up-to-date information (blog posts),

quick summaries that work well on desktop and smartphones (blog videos),

relevant backlinks (other websites that link back to yours)

and easy access to the right information wherever the customer might be looking (Google My Business, social media posts, and PPC ads).

What you get:

A thorough analysis of your current efforts, your potential customers, and your industry’s unique landscape in Chattanooga

A blog post that is well-written and structured for impatient readers (monthly)

A video summarizing the content of your blog post added to your YouTube channel (which we can create) and embedded on your website

A Google My Business (GMB) post featuring your video and a link back to the blog post on your website (we can also set up your GMB listing)

Ongoing analysis of your competitors and their digital marketing efforts (monthly updates)


Techie stuff:

We use industry-leading tools to mine the keywords and phrases that your potential customers are searching for in Google. We then match those phrases to user intent to discover the kind of experience they expect from relevant results. Finally, we use this data to build a content strategy – content that will appeal to both search engines and your website’s visitors.

Yes, this takes ongoing maintenance, but we offer content packages that are affordable on any budget – beginning at a cost of only $200 per month!

What good is SEO if it doesn’t connect with your audience?

Trust the local experts who live and breath SEO and understand Chattanooga’s unique culture/business landscape.

Contact us to get started today!

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Competitive Research

The first step in any SEO plan is to analyze your current efforts and the strategies of your competitors. This analysis helps us build an effective SEO strategy.

Blog Posts

Websites rank better in search engines when they provide content that’s timely and relevant to your industry and local area. Blog posts are the easiest way to provide that content.

Video Summaries

Each blog post is summarized into a video, uploaded to your YouTube channel, and embedded on your website. This helps improve rankings and extends your visibility.

Google My Business

It’s vital to properly set up and maintain Google My Business. It helps you rank better in search results and ensures that you appear on Google Maps accurately